Five reasons why school management software is a game changer for the modern-day schools.

Technology is taking over every aspect of life and schools are no longer strangers to technology. In this age, School Management software is emerging to be a game changer, a technology that will change the way modern-day schools are run.

Today everyone has access to the web and everyone has a smartphone with an internet connection. These devices keep the parents, teachers, and students connected with just one tap. Parents can keep a track of their ward’s academic progress with just a click. School management software that comes in the form of an App is a plus for any institution.

School Management Mobile Apps have changed the way schools function daily. It has allowed several manual tasks to be automated, and many complex and critical processes to be carried out with ease and greater efficiency.

Listed below are 5 reasons to prove that School management software is changing the way schools work and for the better.

Admission Management

 School management software makes admissions an effortless task. You can skip the hassle of standing in a queue and do the admissions online from the comfort of your home.  The school management software minimizes the tasks of the schools as there is less paperwork, all the data is stored in the software. 

A few years earlier admissions were done manually students had to stand in queues collecting admission/application forms and then again for submitting the admission/application forms. This leads to problems in – managing the applications, handling queries, & distribution of forms, collecting forms, and then short-listing the candidates resulting in annoyed parents and students alike. In addition to this, the admission process is not transparent, leading to the possibility of widespread malpractice.

Online Fees Management

Fee management is one of the most important tasks that is done by a school admin team regularly. The online fee payment system is more secure than the traditional way of paying schools. Parents can pay the fees from anywhere anytime rather than coming to schools and paying. As students with different courses have a different fee structures student fee portal calculates individual payment schedules for each one of them in a correct manner.

  Attendance Management

 Online attendance makes marking attendance an easy and convenient task. In addition the parent gets notified if the student is absent or late to school. An online attendance management system is more secure compared to the offline manual way. Traditionally, if the teacher loses the notebook that they record their attendance on, the data is already compromised.

It’s also convenient because the teachers can access the data anytime and anywhere. They don’t need a physical copy of the data anymore, so it’s easier to process the data. Given the right permission, they can even collaborate with other teachers if they substitute for a class of another teacher.

Bus Tracking With GPS Device Integration

With bus tracking and GPS integration, it becomes convenient for parents to keep a track of their ward’s school transport. The administration team can manage transport routes, and allot buses to students and faculty. This way the parents can be stress free in case their child is taking school transport.

Homework And Assignment Management

School management system simplifies assigning  homework and assignment for the teachers. Using the system, teachers can assign assignments to the entire class or a particular group by attaching documents, videos, images, and references along with the task. The teachers can allot deadline for assignment and homework and they can also check the progress of the students  and then share the results and feedback with the students instantly.

To conclude

With the introduction of school management software, the way of schooling has changed tremendously. All the schooling process right from the admissions to generating bonafide certificates is done on the system as a result a lot of time is saved and there no paperwork and all the trouble that comes with it.

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July 2022